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Goosinator-Humane Tool to Keep Geese, Ducks & Other Wild Birds Away from your Poultry Operation! Call for Pricing

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The Goosinator is a revolutionary tool that acts as a final solution for farms & businesses that struggle with geese, ducks and other nuisance birds inhabiting their property.

It emulates a natural predator that can effectively pursue geese, ducks and other birds on any surface in which they congregate.

Once the birds are taught that a “predator” that can travel on land and water now inhabits a specific area, they will simply leave and look for a safer place.

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The Poultry industry has been devastated by Avian Influenza carried in and spread by waterfowl. The Goosinator is a new weapon in the battle to prevent spread of disease. Geese, ducks and other wild birds can be a great nuisance and can potentially carry disease such as Avian Influenza into Poultry operations. The Goosinator provides a powerful tool to rid your operation of this potentially destructive exposure. The Goosinator has been extremely successful in golf course and lakeside housing markets because it works! The Goosinator:

• is a ground and water craft the size of a medium dog roughly 46” long, 20” high and 24” wide.

• is electrically powered with a lithium battery that can run for 15-30 minutes. Two batteries are included along with a charger.

• is remotely controlled by an operator and is very easy to use. • is made to navigate all the different terrain that geese, ducks and other waterfowl inhabit: Grass, Snow, Ice, Water, Sand, etc.

• is made of a very durable foam that is difficult to damage, easy to repair, and should last for many years.

• Only maintenance is to wax the bottom skids periodically as well as properly charging the batteries. To be successful in removing waterfowl, a dedicated effort is required for a short period of time; typically 4-6 days of persistent “hazing” and the birds receive the message that “a new predator has moved in and this area is not safe".

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