Update & Offers

On January 20th Midwest Livestock assisted in hosting an open house for Plymouth Ag Group's new 4800 head wean to finish swine unit.  (For photos of the building check the Swine Division tab under the Project heading).  Two identical 2400 head buildings were constructed with a connecting office and load out area that contains the most updated technology monitoring system available.  Despite the rain, mud and fog 300 people attended the open house and 250 were served the pork barbeque meal.  Please see below the list of winners from the open house drawing.

BBQ Sauce- Keith Craig, Travis Bednar, Randy Schmidt, Denise Schoenrock, Tom Brand, Marlene Ebke, Bill Glenn, Charles Meyer, Bruce Wollenberg, Gladys Yost, ann Engelman, Shana Nippert

Stemless Wine Glass- Matt Nippert, Sidney Engelman, Stephanie Harms, Hannah Keuten

Midwest Livestock Wall Clock- Travis Gilman, Jess Hurd

Eat Pork Hitch Cover- Paul Hay, BJ Stein

Buffalo Leather Gloves-Brandon Pohlmann, Jake Ruhnke

Lynch Dry Rubs-Kevin Ebke

Midwest Livestock Barbeque Grill Set- Bob Weise

Pig from PAG delivered to Locker-1/2-Henry Meyer, 1/2-Randy Weise


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for fighting the elements!