Southeast Nebraska

8000 Sow Farrow to Iso-Wean with Guilt Developer Unit

Southeast Nebraska

4800 Head Wean to Finish Facility

Feed Mill Remodel

Pax Bins Set for Feed Mill Storeage

Lake Park, Minnesota

Double 20 Mag Vertical Lift

Mahaska, Kansas

Farrowing Room of Sow Unit

Brainard, Nebraska

96,000 Bird Broiler Facility


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The Barnstormer is the only fan on the market with the hinged open front guard.  This patented design helps cut cleaning and maintenance time.  Dirt and dust are removed in minutes to get you right back to energy-efficient, high-output performance.

Available in 12", 20", 24" and 36"


Barnstormer Fan


The Meter-Man electronic cooling system is designed to provide your pigs with dependable relief from the damaging effects of heat stress.  Animals eat better and gain faster, and breeders will be more productive.  The system is designed to automatically cool swine in confinement by the controlled application of water through droplets (sows or boars), mist (boars) or sprinkler emitters (pens of pigs).  REPAIR PARTS IN STOCK YEAR-ROUND FOR MOST METER-MAN COOLING SYSTEMS!





Edge cool cell pad


The automatic float valve found in this replacement pump will match water supply with system demand.  It includes a priming basket so the pump can be installed above the water level if necessary.  It can be mounted and used as a dual pump system and includes (2) unions allowing for easy removal and storeage during the winter months.  The center mount is designed for long runs and allows system to continue seamlessly (no breaking pad or additional components).  

3/4 hp, 208/230v, 50/60 hz, PSC continuous duty CSA approved motor






 Cool Cell Pump

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