Swine Division

Midwest Livestock is ready  to work for you. No matter the size or scale of the project, we will deliver to your expectations. We offer new construction, equipment installation, remodel, addition, replacement parts and project consultation. Wherever you are located, we will have a team to serve your project needs.

The states highlighted showcase where we have completed swine building projects.

Gestal Feed System with pen gestation 

Remodel Project: 5,000 head sow farm. Gestation barn: pens to shoulder stanchions

Demolition of drop feeding concrete floor slabs and pen gestation equipment.
10-head stanchion feeding pens with solid divides.
New AP Chain Disk feed systems with universial drops and new poly feed bins.
Installation of replacement stainless steel dump style flush tanks.
Installation of new water distribution cup waterers.
Electrical upgrade for new equipment.
Gang Slat replacement as needed.

2,000 head sow farm with 8 farrowing rooms and 48 crates in each room.

2400 head wean-to-finish barn with deep pits. This barn is 101'x10"x181'.