Equipment Installation 

From installing farrowing crates to replacing feed systems, we can help. We've worked with the equipment for decades and know exactly how it should be installed and used. We will order your equipment, project the timeline and get your products in place with minimial disruption to your farm production schedule. 

Facility Design 

With skilled and knowledgeable draftsmen on our team, we will design your barn with the exact specifications you desire. Whether this is your first building or you are remodeling or expanding your farm, we will bring our livestock expertise to the table.  

Swine barn construction

New Construction 

A building project takes a lot of coordination. We will make your life easier by being the general constractor. We will manage timelines and craftsmanship. Your facility will be built exactly how you envisioned. 

Remodeling and Additions

Deciding to remodel your existing barn is a big undertaking. Let us walk you through the tough decisions and see how your barn can be transformed for your needs today. 


Our goal is to provide the finest solutions and continuously improve our processes in dairy facility planning, installations, herd software management, and preventative maintenance. We offer emergency dairy service calls  24 hours a day. 

Planning and Preventative Maintenance

• Milking stall/parlor performance
• System analysis
• Scheduled maintenance
• Facility planning
• Liner exchange
• Dairy supplies
• Hoof treatment & fly systems
• General contracting


Dairy Route Service

At Midwest Livestock Systems we offer very competitive pricing, but we also believe our dairy route hygienespecialists and service technicians play an important role in your dairy’s success. We monitor crucial components that reduce or eliminate elevated PI bacteria and SCC counts. We also inspect equipment and recommend preventative maintenance measures that increase the longevity of your investment.

Customer Service

 We provide personal service beyond the sale. We will do what
we say and deliver on time. Our product specialists will listen
to your needs and offer a solution—even if you don’t know the
product description or part number.

• Sales representatives with real knowledge of our products.
• Installation professionals recognized as experts in their field.
• Service and repair technicians who can help install your equipment and keep it operating smoothly.