Poultry Division Projects

Aerts Construction Construction of 4 -28,000 bird broiler barns near Brainard, Nebraska

28,000 Bird Broiler Barn, Tunnel Ventilated in Southwest Iowa

6 Barn Broiler Complex in Northwest Iowa.

Each barn is 60'x550' and holds 37,000 birds.

Barns built by Midwest Livestock Systems, Inc. and completed in 2015.


400,000 Bird Layer House

Located in central Iowa this house holds 400,000 layer hens.  Structural steel columns and beams support the load on this building.

The sidewalls are closed with insulated wall panels that extend from the floor to the ceiling.  These panels are made of rigid insulation

with prefinished steel skin on the interior face with minimial void for rodents and insects.  As you walk down the outside aisles, the walls

are smooth and easy to clean.


Chore Time feed lines Cumberland Feeder

Chore-Time feed lines with Cumberland Feeder, Pro 1, 8-spoke and Plasson drinking water lines with Orange 12 nipple system.