Construction, Equipment Installation, and More

While our catalog of products is extensive, it’s just a portion of what we offer producers. Midwest Livestock Systems can manage your construction project, supply and install specialized equipment, provide ongoing maintenance, and offer a qualified professional opinion when necessary.


The expert construction management team at Midwest Livestock Systems is ready to take on your next project, whether it’s a new build, remodel, or addition. Because of our background as a livestock equipment supplier, our approach is different than other builders. We design construction projects around the equipment setup. Helping you effectively operate in the space is our highest priority.

Throughout the construction process, the assigned superintendent will consistently manage the day-to-day progress and keep subcontractors on track.

Equipment Installation

If you have an established relationship with a builder, are managing the process yourself, or are looking to retrofit an existing space, we can supply and install all necessary equipment for dairy, poultry, and swine facilities. Our equipment specialists will help you determine the best setup for your operation.

Service and Maintenance

For dairy farmers, keeping the operation up and running is a must. The service and repair technicians at our five locations can handle all the maintenance and repair for your dairy equipment.


Not sure which equipment or products best fit your needs? Put our expertise to work for you. We can make recommendations on the best solutions—even if you don’t have a product description or part number.