Swine Division Projects


Double Wide Finishing Barn in Northeast Nebraska

 2400 Head Wean to Finish Barn started mid August 2016 Finished mid January 2017


Nursery Room gutted for transformatin into Farrowing Room

Inside new 2400 Head Wean to Finish Barn


3600 Crate Farrowing Barn in Eastern Colorado with Exclusive Firewalls

8000 Sow Farrow to Wean Facility with a Gilt Developer building, 2 Gestation Barns,

2 Farrowing Barns, a Boar Barn, Load Out, and Office.  Joint efforts between Midwest

Livestock constructing the building and equipment installation, Jurgens Construction-concrete,

Diversified Electrical-wiring and electrical, and Star Plumbing installing the plumbing system the

project was completed in approximately 180 days! 



Gestation pen with shoulder stalls.