Veblin, South Dakota

2x30 Mag 90I VL Milking Parlor

Veblin, South Dakota

Cow Deck in 2 x 30 Mag 90I VL Parlor

Northwest Iowa

6- 60' x 564' Broiler Barn Complex


Cafeteria Style Finishing Room

Friend, Nebraska

1200 Head Finisher

Southeast Kansas

Wean to Finish Barn



Herculite's new innovative 13 oz. Ag Curtain with R2X is designed with a proprietary formulation of natural additives designed to reduce common wear and tear inherent to use in an agricultural curtain environment.  Additives aid in reducing rodent chewing activity on curtain material.  When combining Herculite 13 oz. Ag Curtains with R2X, with good curtain care and maintenance, you will increase the life and performance of your curtain.  Available in White and Frosty Clear.

*R2X curtain is not guaranteed against rodent damage.


 Edstrom Cow Cooling System


Effective December 31, 2016 production of the AT Newell line of curtain machines will cease and orders for these machines will not be accepted.  All machines on order must be shipped before February 28, 2017.  Service parts for these curtain machines are available only until inventory is depleted.

Call and get your AT Newell replacement parts today!

Meter-Man Swine Cooling


The PowerDrop is a modern device to release a curtain winch handle for ventilation in a livestock environment during a power failure.  The PowerDrop will remain in the locked position with electromagnetic force as long as electrical power is supplied to the unit.  When power is removed the PowerDrop will continue to hold the winch handle for a delay time.  If electrical power has not been restored at the end of the delay, the PowerDrop arm is forced open and will release the curtain winch.


 MBA Fans

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