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Brooder w/9' Cord (w/o Bulb)

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Conveniently designed the Brooder Light with its shade heats small areas where the animals are contained rather than heating the whole building. An aluminized reflector bowl makes the lamp ideal for poultry and pig brooders as it spreads warmth to help with young pigs and chicks from "piling up". Supply powerful light anywhere you require it with this 10.5-inch reflector clamp light. Can be used with ceramic heat lamps, UVA/UVB lamps, infrared emitters, etc.

Suitable for reptile and amphibian terrariums. Also can be used as a table lamp in your room, garages, or art studios, a work light in photography and workshops, and even a growth light for indoor plants. The clamp lights have a wide variety of uses and is suitable for many environments. Our clamp light works great for studios, garages, workshops, photo studios, aquariums, art studios, and more.

The clamp light accepts up to 250-watt bulb medium base bulb (E26). you could use with 250-watt heat lamp for reptiles, brooder coop, and pets. Great for indoor plants with LED grow light bulbs. Versatile multi-use utility lamps with polished and vented aluminum reflectors. Each unit features a double ball universal joint. Constructed with 10 1/2" highly polished aluminum reflectors. High-heat porcelain sockets. Protective bulb guard and hanger. High-quality power cords.