Multifan® System 1 Q Fan Replacement Impeller (4E45Q 6 Blade)

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Extend the life of your fan with our corrosion-resistant polypropylene fan blades. These replacement blades work with the Standard Multifan Models. 8" - 24"

When selecting a replacement part for your Multifan you will need to determine if your fan is a "Standard" or "Q-Style" Fan. To do so, please answer the following questions:

· Is your fan standard or Q-style? Standard (aluminum), Q-style (fiberglass). 

· You can find this information on your motor plate. It should be marked with a "Q". If it is not, your fan is "Standard". 

· If your fan has a foot attached to the arm your fan is "Standard". If it does not your fan is Q-style.