Top-Loading Rodent Bait Station

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The JT Eaton™ Top Loader Bait Station is a versatile mouse and rat rodenticide trap. Featuring all-plastic, weather-resistant housing, the Top Loader Bait Station includes mounting brackets to easily secure the unit to the floor, wall, or even a tree.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Top Loader is an ideal solution for adverse weather conditions. Because of its top-fed design, the Top Loader keeps the bait from moisture in the event of rainwater flow or snow melt. And because JT Eaton™ understands versatility is key, you can also use liquid bait with the Top Loader.

Perfect for agricultural use, this bait station is versatile and secure enough to use across the farm, both inside of the barn and out!

JT Eaton™ Top Loader Bait Station Features:

  • Vertically loaded bait station keeps bait clear of water and moisture.
  • Secure design with a simple twist and lock hex key
  • Interior structure prevents non-targets from accessing bait.
  • Mounting brackets and securing loops allow for a range of applications.
  • Bait station can be mounted anywhere mice and rats travel.
  • Will hold bait blocks or liquid bait holders.
  • Install on ledges, overhead beams, and tree branches, against fencing.
  • Hex key locking system
  • Easy to open/easy to load with bait.
  • Mounting feet to secure with screws or Velcro.
  • Includes bait securing rod to prevent translocation of bait.