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Extend the life of your fan with our corrosion-resistant polypropylene fan blades. These 24" replacement Fan Blades work with the Q-Style Multifan Model 6E63Q.

When searching for a replacement part for your Multifan, you must determine if your fan is (Standard or Q-Style). See below

  • If your fan has an aluminum frame it is a standard style.
  • If your fan has a fiberglass frame it is a Q-Style.
  • You can also find a (Q) printed on your motors identification plate. If there is not a (Q) reflected on the identification plate, your fan is a Standard Style.
  • What is the distance between the cooling fins on the motor? (Note: Not all fan motors have fins).
    3/4" = Standard Fan
    3/8" = Q-Style Fan
  • Standard-style fans have a foot attached to the mounting arms. If your fan does not have a foot mounted to these arms your fan is a Q-style Fan.